What is Las Vegas VIP Guest List?

Our VIP Vegas Guest List is the smoothest and least expensive way to club in Las Vegas. Our Vegas Nightclub Guest List gets Ladies in free, Gents in for free or reduced cover, and everyone past the general admission line. The Nightclub VIP List service is free.

Why trust us?

We have a proven track record lasting over 7 years! Over [satisfied_customers] people have use our VIP list and they are happy to share their experiences!

Checkout our YELP reviews, contact some of the people in our facebook group or our Facebook “fans”, google us, look us up on Trip Advisor or just ask your friends! There is a good chance they’ve used our services!

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How do I sign up for Vegas Club Guest List?

The easiest way to get setup is to fill out the Guest List form LasVegasGuestlist.com. Just use the Sign Up form near the top of the page.

Fill out the Guest List form with your information and then pick the clubs you are interested in. Once you submit your form we will send you a confirmation email within an hour (12pm – 2am, 7 days a week) with your requested schedule and specific club details.

We can modify that schedule to fit your needs if necessary, just contact us and let us know any changes that need to be made.

Is entry guaranteed?

No! In order to gain entry to any club you must arrive on time, be in dress code, be polite to the doormen and be mostly sober!

If you have any problems getting in PLEASE call us! Most problems people experience are easily and quickly fixed, but only if you contact us as soon as a problem arises.

Our phones are on from 12pm until 2am every day of the year to ensure you have a smooth experience!

Do you accept tips?

Actually, we don’t even accept tips! We’d rather have you spend that money on an extra drink or donate to charity.

Did you know we donate thousands of dollars a year to charity?

Every week we match our clients’ donations to their favorite charities.

Want to double your donation? Just use our services and send us your ‎receipt for up to $25. We’ll match it right away!

Thanks for considering it, and thanks even more for supporting us.

How can you do all this for free?

Las Vegas Guest List is uniquely positioned to offer these services for no charge. We’re nightclub hosts and promoters, paid by the venues for getting people through their ropes.

The venues with which we have relationship trust us to bring in quality clients like you. In one sense, we work for the night clubs. But in another sense, we work for you – bringing you free nightlife service, services that might otherwise have a considerable price tag attached.

This is how we have created a one-of-a-kind nightlife service that allows you entry into the hottest Vegas nightclubs.

Are there any charges?

The service is free. Gentlemen may have to pay reduced cover at some venues but that is the only cost (they pay the clubs, not us!), but Gents are free at a many venues as well. Ladies are always free.

Why is it required to visit [primary_clubs_brief] first?

[list_primary_clubs] are our valued partners. This partnership allows us to keep our services free! The clubs are amazing, our groups are treated as VIPs, and we have the ability to give our clients a smooth experience because we have such a great relationship with the clubs.

What if I have problems at the club?

In the rare case that you do, we’re just a phone call away. Call us at 702.518.2582. We are available from 12pm until 2am every day, and we are be happy to help with any issues that arise. Most problems people experience are easily and quickly fixed, but only if you contact us as soon as a problem arises.

What if I have a large group?

We take care groups of all sizes, from 1 person to busloads of people. We are experienced at accommodating large groups, and we often host groups of 75 people or more for free. Contact Us with any further questions or to set up hosting for your large group.

Do I have to be 21?


What is the dress code?

Dress codes vary from club to club. Some emphasize classy; others emphasize naughty. But whatever the specific dress code for a club is, you can’t go wrong following these basic rules:

Gentlemen: Collared shirts, slacks or nice jeans, dark shoes, whether clubby or dressy. Sorry, sneakers are a no-no.

Ladies: Fortunately, you can get away with much more than guys. But that doesn’t mean you can waltz in wearing flip-flops and cut-off jeans. Just put on a nice dress and some decent heels, and you should be fine. Of course, tight jeans and a flirty halter top never hurt anyone, either…

How do I modify my reservation?

Please reply to your confirmation email and we’ll set you up right away!

What do you do with my information when I submit a request?

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Your information at Las Vegas Guest List is 100% secure. After we send you a confirmation e-mail for you request, we put your contact info in our calendar.

We then contact you each day of your requested schedule to go clubbing. After your requested dates have passed, we delete your information. No spam, no pesky follow-ups, nothing like that.

How can I thank you for your services?

Appreciate our services? Great! Please take a moment to review us on Yelp or Trip Advisor, tell your friends, or share your thoughts about us on Facebook or Twitter. We have become successful because clients like you have spread the word about us. We appreciate every review!

Why don’t you accept tips?

There are a couple reasons.

Number one is that everyone in this industry always seems to have their hand out and we find that to be a bit sleazy. We want to differentiate ourselves.

I also feel that clarity in pricing is paramount. In a tip-based business people often do not know what is proper to tip and confusion leads to unhappy transactions. Our services are FREE and always will be, our client’s experience is the priority.

We make our money from the venues & that’s the way it should be. We make enough and have no interest in increasing our revenue at our client’s expense.

If you really want to thank us financially please donate to your favourite charity. Send us the receipt & we’ll match your donation right away.

I hope you agree that this is the way to go. If you don’t, or have any thoughts please let me know below.
For a more detailed Las Vegas Nightlife Question and Answer Page click here.

Please contact us with any questions. Call or text 702-518-2582.


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