When enjoying the nightlife scene in Las Vegas, you must not forget to include the elaborate strip clubs to the list. Ranging from thin to curvy and topless to totally nude, both men and women can expect a fun night with a dancer of their preference. However, not every strip club is the same when it comes to body types, amenities and pricing. Here is what you can expect at some of Vegas’ most popular strip club venues:

Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club

Sapphire is the largest strip club in the world, at 70,000 square feet, offering loads of entertainment from topless female dancers and great DJs. Those who are not big fans of confined, dark venues tend to make this club their top choice because it is so spacious and more of a fun, nightclub-feel. With over 400 dancers on most nights, you are bound to find one that piques your interest. This venue also carries premium alcohol and cigars in their main room, VIP lounges and world-renowned Skyboxes located on the second level. It is also a top choice for girl/boy mixed groups because of the types of entertainment and deals offered. If you’re looking for a strip club for couples and mixed groups or just looking for fun with the guys, Sapphire is a great choice.

Spearmint RhinoAlso a topless gentlemen’s club, the Rhino is a popular choice for men. It is widely said that this venue holds the best looking female dancers in the city, but this depends on your preference. Among the many food and drink options, lap dances can also be served in both chairs and couches or behind curtains in private cabanas on the main floor. Many people enjoy the option to either watch dancers on tipping stages or go-go dancers on separate stages. There are also discounts, limo service and private VIP rooms for those willing to give to receive a little more. If you enjoy the darker atmosphere to go along with attractive, topless exotic dancers, head over to Spearmint Rhino.

Olympic Garden

Commonly known as “The OG,” Olympic Garden is a topless gentlemen’s club that also caters to the women. Downstairs is loaded with topless female dancers for all who are interested while only females are allowed upstairs to experience an all-male revue and a follow-up lap dance of her own. There are also happy hour drink and dance specials. The OG has hosted numerous bachelor and bachelorette parties because it not only totally caters to men AND women, but is also the only strip club on the Las Vegas Strip. Like the other two strip clubs, OG also has package deals that include limo service and other offers. Those who enjoy that dark atmosphere with mixed gender groups and all female groups tend to choose OG for a great time.

PalominoPalomino is the only totally nude strip club with a fully stocked bar in Las Vegas. Due to this fact and that it also offers totally nude men, it is the most popular totally nude strip club for bachelor/bachelorette parties and other celebrations. It is the oldest strip club out of the four mentioned and is also very spacious – at 30,000 square feet. Along with totally nude female dancers entertaining seven days a week, totally nude men aka “The Stallions” perform Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10PM to 3AM. Happy hour, limo and shuttle rides are also available along with discount packages. If you want to see it all, Palomino just may be a good choice.

There are many other strip clubs in Las Vegas, ranging from topless to totally nude, but all offer lap and private dances. Most will require a cover charge for entry but if you arrive with a group and/or plan to receive private dances, these clubs will accommodate you with some discounts and waived charges. Each club has its own set of rules as well and security will enforce them by throwing people out. Although lap dances may be tempting, clients touching dancers are prohibited with the exception of women enjoying dances by male dancers at some strip clubs. Nevertheless, with some of the best-looking exotic dancers and venues, a full Vegas experience should include checking out some of these strip clubs. For more questions or to receive discounts and guest list access to a strip club here in Las Vegas, call or text Chris at 702-518-2582

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