If you’ve ever been to nightclubs or pool parties in Las Vegas previously, we are sure you noticed certain groups of people in a separate line that would get in right away while your line remained stationary. Did you wonder why those people were treated better than your party? The secret is either those people paid for a V.I.P. table or took advantage of “The Guest List.” Those who know of guest lists and know the right people will never have to wait in general admission lines, and will either only pay a reduced cover charge or get in completely free.

Las Vegas Club Guest List

It is obvious there are perks to getting on these guest lists. Generally, a guest list is a list at a certain venue made for a particular night with a special list of guests who will be allowed in without a cover charge and without having to wait in general admission lines. Doormen at these venues have access to these lists and will apply benefits to those listed. Those who benefit the most from guest lists are ladies because well, that is how club entertainment in Las Vegas rolls. Ladies will receive all benefits of being on these lists – locals and tourists alike. This includes exemption from cover charges and skipping the general admission lines. Some nightclubs on certain nights will even provide free drink tickets to these guest list ladies, making their nightlife experience more bountiful than those not on the list.

Gentlemen also receive benefits from being on nightclub guest lists. Like ladies, gentlemen will also get to skip general admission lines, significantly reducing the time it normally takes to get in and have a good time. However, there may still be a cover charge, depending on the nightclub. The normal cover charge for gentlemen is $15-$25, but certain nightclubs and pool clubs will reduce this charge for being on their guest lists.

Groups can also benefit from guest lists, but there are some requirements. Groups of men are the least likely groups to get on a guest list because nightclubs in Las Vegas have a certain formula for making theirs seem more appealing, and a large group of men is just not part of that formula. For a group of men to get on a guest list, some nightclubs require there be one lady for every man while others require there be more ladies than men in the group. On the other hand, groups of ladies are highly sought after and will sometimes get in before a party of just two ladies. Groups of ladies not only benefit from guest lists by skipping the general admission lines and getting in completely free but on some nights and days, these groups will even get free V.I.P. tables with bottle service or free daybeds at pool clubs. This offer all depends on the day and the venue, of course, and is not guaranteed.

Now that you know all about “The Guest List,” you may be wondering how to get on some for a few nightclubs and day clubs. Just fill out the Guest List Request Form on this site. The earlier you request being put on a guest list, the better. After submitting, we will send you a confirmation email within 24 hours with more information on the club(s) you picked. Luckily if you forget certain details, a follow-up phone call or text will take place on the date of your reservation between 1PM and 5PM where details will be further discussed. If you’ve ever encountered issues with a guest list in the past, do not worry as we will usually meet you right outside your requested club between 10PM and 1AM and walk you right in.

If you are interested in listing yourself and your party for a certain club, fill out our free VIP Guest List Request Form here.
For questions or more information, please call Chris at (702) 518-2582.

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