By Chanelle Hayes

When in Vegas, you have to do it big and what better way to do it big than with VIP bottle service? On the Las Vegas Strip, bottle service has always been appealing to those who desire VIP treatment. The demand for this treatment has increased in just a few years and so have the prices, so newer and renovated nightclubs has been forced to upgrade their VIP sections just to please these luxury-seekers. Those who take advantage of being a VIP in Las Vegas tend to have a much more fulfilling Vegas experience than those who do not. So what are the perks of being a VIP in Las Vegas?


Skip general admission fees. The majority of people, who visit Las Vegas, tend to engage in the nightlife scene, which means nightclub general admission lines are very chaotic and wait times are equally long, so VIP bottle service is the best bet, since general admission tends to range between $20-$50 per person and even more on nights with special events.

Drink, socialize and party in private. Once in the clubs, being able to walk around and socialize with your friends can be difficult also due to the large crowds, and your feet may hurt after standing or dancing for long periods of time due to the lack of free seating. Avoid having to deal with fatigue due to hours of standing and dancing and relax at your VIP booth with comfy plush seating to accommodate your party.

Avoid the long lines at the bar. With VIP bottle service, patrons can have drinks made at the table by a VIP server, quickly and conveniently all for one price versus waiting in the long lines at the bar for 20 minutes and having to pay anywhere between $10-$20 per drink.

Worth the price. Alcohol prices can be astronomical – you may be a bit shocked after your third or fourth drink. Bottle service prices depend on the weekday, DJ or performer that particular night and if it is a holiday. At a normal nightclub or day club, tables, day beds and cabanas usually range $75 – $500 and include bottle service. To take part in the VIP experience in Vegas’ best nightclubs and day clubs, prepare to spend $1,000 – $3,500 plus tax, gratuity and tip for the same service. NOTE: Some clubs require your party purchase a certain number of bottles of liquor to equal the above prices while others require you rent the table for the night with a certain numbers of bottles included in the price.

Perfect experience for large groups and special occasions, so book early. Because so many people have experienced being a regular patron in nightclubs on the Vegas Strip then got a taste of being a VIP, the demand for ordering bottle service is high. Therefore, it is best to place an order early – the more popular the nightclub, the earlier you want to book your reservation.

If you are planning your trip to Vegas and want the full, bedazzling experience, save up some extra cash, split the bill with your friends and get the ultimate Vegas nightlife experience. Be a Vegas VIP and call or text your inquiry to 702-518-2582 or click here.

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