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Las Vegas Pool Guest List

Free VIP Guest List Access to Spectacular Las Vegas Pool Parties!

Pool Season is April through September. We’ll start accepting reservations late March.

So what’s this whole pool party thing all about?

Pool parties, or “dayclubs” are the class of entertainment popularized by Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel. Yes, that’s the same Rehab of television infamy. Nowadays pool parties have become a fairly standard offering, and potential party-goers have nearly as many choices as when looking at nightclubs.

So what are these things, and why are they so popular? A dayclub is an outdoor party, with entry restrictions similar to a standard nightclub, except that it’s open during the daytime under the sunlight. As to why people enjoy them so much: it really all comes down to sex appeal. For men and women both, a pool party is an absolute feast for the eyes; the fittest, sexiest examples of humankind saunter around wearing nearly nothing at all. That’s really what it’s all about, and people love it.

Aside from all the overexposure, however, there’s still plenty to enjoy. For entertainment and music dayclubs book top talent just as often as any nightclub. There’s always a pool to slip into if you get overly warm; and during the hot desert summers of Las Vegas you will definitely get warm! At a dayclub people dance, socialize, drink, and party just like they do at a nightclub, it’s just that the dress code is different. Check out our links below to see all the Pool Party lists available to you with Las Vegas Guest List. When you find the parties you prefer you can easily sign up using the form directly below. Table service (or cabana service), is also available at any of these venues, and works very much the way it does in a nightclub. The main differences are that at a pool party you can order from a food menu as well as a bottle menu, and cabanas often come with TV’s, video game systems, and SHADE! (Definitely the best part!) If you’re interested in cabana service, check out our Table Page.

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