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Are you looking for the ultimate VIP experience? Do you hate to be stuck in the same crowded, general area as everybody else, and long to look across the room from the comfort of a private section? Do you loathe the thought of waiting at the bar for your turn to buy a drink? Do you want a guaranteed place to actually sit down? All of this is what table service is all about.

Purchasing a table in a nightclub gives you your own personal piece of real estate. Your table will be your place to sit, drink and party with your guests. Table service comes with security, a waitress, and many, many beverages. Having a table in a Las Vegas nightclub is an amazing experience in comfort and luxury, however, as you might expect, table service is not something that comes for free.

Generally at most Vegas clubs, the average size bottle (750ml) of liquor at a table will cost between four and five hundred dollars. The club will also set a minimum spend per table, determined by demand and the number of people in your party. This is commonly either referred to as a bottle minimum (“that table is a four bottle minimum”), or a minimum spend (“This cabana is a $2000 food and beverage minimum”). Either way, what they’re saying is that they won’t give you the table unless you agree to spend a certain amount while you’re there. Remember, the table minimum is subject to change, but the price of individual bottles generally is not.

Why on earth are these greedy clubs getting away with charging $500 for this $30 bottle of vodka?? That’s a common question, and the answer is this: they aren’t really selling the vodka. They’re selling an area of the club that tends to be in high demand. The liquor is just a part of it, and most of the time people buying bottles end up with more than they could ever drink.

Okay I got it, so exactly how much will it cost my party?

This is where Las Vegas Guest List can help. Fill out the form below and we’ll take your request to one of our trusted contacts at the club you request and use our influence to get you the best deal possible. They will then contact you with a quote and ask you if you would like to proceed. This is a referral service, and like all of our services is free of charge. However, the actual purchasing of a table from the nightclub is NOT FREE, and you should be prepared for that. Due to a very strong, long-term, working relationship with the Palms we can generally provide the best value for the money at Ghostbar, Rain, or Moon.

Awesome! Any final tips?

Yes! First of all, always ask which sections are available. The cost of a table will vary depending on where it’s located in the club, and some sections are much more desirable than others. If your table is located in a different room, with different music, when you were expecting something else, it can be a very unfortunate surprise. A great value on a table is getting a good section for a low minimum.

Also, remember we said that the cost of bottles isn’t subject to change? That’s true, and generally only minimums are negotiable. The exception to this is a “get one.” On a weekday, during a slow time of year, or anytime a club needs to drive sales they may be able to offer bottles on a buy-one-get-one, or a buy-two-get-one basis. This isn’t something you should count on, especially on a weekend, but it happens.

Finally, when a nightclub tells you the cost of a table, they generally leave out the cost of tax and gratuity. Most nightclubs will automatically charge you a gratuity of 18-20% for the waitress, and sales tax will be around 8%. That adds up to almost an additional $150 per bottle, and understandably catches some people by surprise, so make sure you ask about it!

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