Gallery Nightclub is CLOSED

If you’re ready for a different kind of experience than the standard Las Vegas party scene, try checking out Gallery at Planet Hollywood. While it still holds all the attraction of your typical Vegas nightclub — hot music, wild dancing, and plenty of drinks — it also does a fantastic job of blending the high class atmosphere of an art gallery with the thrill of the nightlife.

Our Gallery Guest List is:

  • Arrive 10:30-11:15.
  • Ladies free. Gents free.
  • General Admission Line Skip.
  • 1 free drink for first 50 Ladies.
  • Includes entry to Gallery on fri/sat/sun.

This Gallery lives up to its name; it’s full of eye candy in the form of beautiful women, both in photographs and in person. These aren’t your typical go-go dancers! A massive net stretches out over the main dance floor, providing some exciting views of some really exotic shows.

Of course there’s plenty of room for you to dance, as well! A huge dance floor accommodates plenty of revelers, and there’s plenty of space between the VIP booths, as well. One thing’s for certain; you’ve never been to a Gallery like this before!


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