The Playboy Club is a great place to relax and have a few drinks. Maybe even play some high stakes Blackjack.

Our Playboy Guest List is:

Ladies Free

  • Gents $15-$20 Sun-Thurs
  • Gents $25-$40 Fri/Sat
  • Includes admission to Ghostbar Sun-Thurs
  • Includes admission to Moon Tues, Thurs-Sat
  • GA Line skip
  • Arrive between 9pm and 2am

The Playboy Club open 7 days a week.

The Playboy Club is the only club in Las Vegas where you can gamble, drink, and dance like a Playboy
Playmate or a superstar. It’s the world’s only high-stakes gaming and nightlife venue best known for
beautiful women, quality drinks and good time gambling all under one roof. Playboy is one of the most
recognized and popular consumer brands in the world, which you can experience a taste of!

With 60 plasma screens displaying photos of Playmates and some of the most spectacular views of the
city, the Playboy Club is a cut above the rest. The gaming experience is amazing with the finest Playboy
Bunnies as your personal dealer and cocktail servers and slot machines that look out to even more
amazing views.

The Playboy Club offers 9 blackjack tables and 1 roulette table inside the club. The bar is rarely
packed and serves for the perfect photo opportunity. The décor is plush leather with Baccarat crystal
chandeliers and a VIP area, the Fireplace Lounge, with a private bar and fireplace.

A myriad of celebrities and elites frequent The Playboy Club enjoy the cards and cocktails such as
LeAnn Rimes, Carmen Electra, Enrique Iglesias, Marilyn Manson, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Eddie
Cibrian, and Playmates Jessa Hinton, Kelly Carrington, and Lauren Anderson. This year’s special events
include the Miss Playboy Club Las Vegas Calendar Contest hosted by Randy Couture and Playmate
Birthday Weekend.

Las Vegas’ Playboy Club is part of a chain of nightclubs owned and operated by Playboy Enterprises,
which were on a hiatus from 1991 to 2006. The first club opened in 1960 in Chicago and offered cocktail
bars with Playboy Bunnies serving drinks and food, and live entertainment As of early 2011, there are
operating clubs in Macao, Cancun and Las Vegas (at the Palms). The Playboy Club is the closest you can
get to a Playmate without a key to the Playboy Mansion itself.


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