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Places w/ Mingling Space
It is widely declared that Las Vegas is now “The Entertainment Capital of the World,” and with that title comes high population volumes in almost every nightclub on the Strip. There are barely any complaints about nightclubs here but on that rare occasion, overcrowding is usually the issue. For some of us, a packed nightclub can constitute for more fun had but for those who enjoy space for dancing and mingling, certain nightclubs and ultra lounges receive more stars.
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Hip Hop Club Choices
Times are changing and so is popular music. For a brief period, every club in Vegas played only hip-hop music with only a few specialty electronic music clubs hidden around the valley. However, with the comeback of electronic music not just in Las Vegas nightclubs but influenced in many popular songs, finding a spot that plays only hip-hop is becoming obsolete. Nevertheless, they still do exist in this city and they’re quite amazing.
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Strip Clubs
When enjoying the nightlife scene in Las Vegas, you must not forget to include the elaborate strip clubs to the list. Ranging from thin to curvy and topless to totally nude, both men and women can expect a fun night with a dancer of their preference. However, not every strip club is the same when it comes to body types, amenities and pricing. Here is what you can expect at some of Vegas’ most popular strip club venues:
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Top Electronica DJ Clubs

Top 5 Electronic Clubs
There are many house and electro music fans out there that have been craving a change in the types of music played at nightclubs in Vegas, and it has finally happened. Luckily for those music fans, Las Vegas’ most popular and hottest nightclubs cater to you. The electronic music bomb has hit the Strip and naming just the top five best spots playing this music was difficult but not impossible:
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Las Vegas Dress Code Guide Suites


Vegas Club Dress Code
Many prior Vegas tourists can account for an entire evening in ruin due to not being dressed according to nightclub guidelines. It is true – you can be turned away from a nightclub or even a lounge for not abiding by the mandatory dress codes here. So how do you avoid being turned away? Abide by the following universally accepted dress codes:
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VIP tables
On the Las Vegas Strip, bottle service has always been appealing to those who desire VIP treatment. The demand for this treatment has increased in just a few years and so have the prices, so newer and renovated nightclubs have been forced to upgrade their VIP sections just to please these luxury-seekers. Those who take advantage of being a VIP in Las Vegas tend to have a much more fulfilling Vegas experience than those who do not. Here is why:
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Las Vegas Club Guest List

The Guest List
If you’ve ever been to nightclubs or pool parties in Las Vegas previously, we are sure you noticed certain groups of people in a separate line that would get in right away while your line remained stationary. Did you wonder why those people were treated better than your party? The secret is either those people paid for a V.I.P. table or took advantage of “The Guestlist.”
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Pool Parties
If you believe partying in Las Vegas only fits in the “nightlife” category, you are behind the times. Las Vegas pool parties are now just as popular as nightclubs, and most are absolutely amazing. No longer are the majority of people just relaxing at their hotel pools before a night out.
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