Las Vegas Guest List is made up of a team of professionals who are dedicated to giving your the best possible Las Vegas experience. Coming from varied and extensive backgrounds in the nightlife industry, the Las Vegas Guest List team is committed to providing phenomenal service that stands out among the crowd. When you choose to use our services, you will never talking with a robot. Rest assured, you’re being helped by real people with trained expertise, non-stop proficiency, and fun personalities. We love our jobs! Think of us as your personal Vegas planners. Our business is making it possible for you to elevate your Las Vegas adventure to the highest level!

Noteworthy Members of Las Vegas Guest List:



Operating Head of Las Vegas Guest List; Successor to Chris Hornak

Kate, a New York native, has been with Las Vegas Guest List since the very beginning. With extraordinary clerical and customer service skills, Kate is a fundamental part of the company. She first joined the team because she wanted to work behind-the-scenes in the nightlife industry. Having the platform to give clients memorable, outrageous Las Vegas experiences is what drives Kate to thrive with this company and in nightlife. With many years of industry under her belt at this point, Kate is dedicated to maintaining both the integrity and success of Las Vegas Guest List. It is paramount to her that the company continue to flourish and build upon the foundation that Chris laid.


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Chris Hornak Chris

Company Founder

Originally from New York, Chris Hornak moved to Las Vegas in 2006. His foray into Las Vegas nightlife came after covering for a promoter friend one evening. Through that introduction to the industry, Chris discovered he had a true talent for handling groups of people. With the desire to expand his place in nightlife, the resulting company he decided to form became Las Vegas Guest List. Within a few short years, Las Vegas became and has remained one of the biggest promoting companies you can turn to in Vegas. Notably, Chris was the most reviewed and most popular club promoter in Sin City for the majority of his career. Chris passed away unexpectedly while traveling in Asia in 2016. The remaining members of Las Vegas Guest List strive to maintain the precedent Chris set for Las Vegas nightlife: to provide the opportunity for everyone who uses our services to have the most exciting, memorable Las Vegas experience possible.

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