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Vegas Strip Clubs

What is Vegas without a little Sin?

Is a strip club really for me?

Las Vegas has always been known for strip clubs almost as much as it’s become known for nightclubs, and for very good reason. The strip clubs in Las Vegas are unlike anything else in the country. It’s definitely true that our strip clubs are bigger, fancier, flashier, and each packed with hundreds (literally) of jaw-dropping entertainers every night, but there’s much more to it than that also. Strip clubs in Las Vegas are just as busy, socially vibrant, and energetic as any given nightclub, and just like a nightclub different people go there for different reasons.

Yes, if you’re a gentleman, and you’re on a trip with a bunch of your male friends, and you’re looking for the traditional serving of sexual titillation from an unending series of gorgeous girls, these strip clubs will absolutely leave you satisfied. However, strip clubs in Las Vegas are great for mixed groups of tourist looking to party, people who aren’t ready to head home after the clubs close, people looking for an excellent happy hour, or even for groups of girls looking to have their own unforgettable night out.

Consider this: nightclubs in Las Vegas are awesome, overwhelming, and the best of their kind; but they are not generally comfortable. Let’s say you and a group of friends, both men and women, want to go out somewhere social, with a loud, high energy, environment; somewhere, like a nightclub, where the people are beautiful and the party is on. However, let’s say that you don’t want to deal with the unbearable crowd of a popular nightclub, and that you want to sit down with your friends and enjoy your drinks and the entertainment in comfort. If that’s the case, you should definitely consider a strip club. At any busy Vegas strip club most of the patrons are mixed groups of partiers drinking and having fun, as opposed to quiet groups of men only paying attention to the dancers. When the nightclubs close, at four or five in the morning, some people go home, and some people go to an after-hours club, but many people hit a strip club. It’s a great intermediary place where you can sit down, get comfortable, and still have an awesome time before heading home. It’s also the place where most Las Vegas nightclub employees go if they want to party after work. Bottom line: unlike strip clubs in other parts of the country, strip clubs in Las Vegas are socially diverse places where many types of people go, for many different reasons. It’s a fun, entertaining, unique nightlife experience that you can enjoy even if you aren’t a group of men with a bachelor party.

But wait, what about us girls??

You’d be surprised at how much our female clients enjoy the traditional strip club experience, but many of our strip clubs also offer areas with male dancers, just for you groups of girls. We have very few services that people get as excited about as our male revue guest lists. These shows feature the sexiest male dancers, and you can expect an outrageous, hilarious, unforgettable night. Our feedback on these shows is overwhelmingly positive!

Ok Great!! So how does this work?

Check out our pages below to see all the strip clubs we have to offer. Don’t worry too much about timing, strip clubs in Las Vegas are usually open very, very late; and the busiest ones never close at all!! These clubs are busiest during the evening and on the weekends, but it should be easy to check one out at any time. When you find a club you like, use the form below to sign up, and you’ll get a confirmation email and day-of text confirmations just as if you signed up for a nightclub. You can see on each individual clubs page exactly what our list provides, but generally speaking you’ll get free admission and free transportation to the club. Additionally many of our strip club lists also include free drinks!! One important point: for your reservation to be valid you Must use the free transportation that comes with the reservation. It’s how the strip club keeps track of who’s on the list. Just like all our other services, our strip club guest list service is 100% free!

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